My childhood obsession for drawing comic books as revisited in my early 20s. All ATC material is “improv” in that I draw each page with no preconceived notion of what it or the next page is going to be about. These comics don’t really tell stories as much as they tell truths. They are also mostly nonsense. I have a tendency to become obsessed with projects and at one point our living room floor was almost always covered with ATC comics in various stages of progress. I had lots of help from my wonderful wife with coloring most of these and she even guest-drew a page.  Seek and find.



As a child of an ever-evolving ultra-technological age there is nothing that speaks more to me than random beauty of distorted data. I have met the ghost in the machine and it is us. These reinterpreted versions of famous works present new ways of looking at old information, re-imagined by being slightly destroyed.



Trash Monstrs is a battle-action drinking card game for people of legal drinking age. It was created by myself and my upstairs neighbor and occasional friend, Justin Brewer-Golightly, after my obsessions with re-purposing trash as art supplies, creating games, and occasionally drinking heavily happened to collide. Justin drew and colored half of all the original material, I did the other half and later created some TM “merchandise.” Join us for a game sometime.